The Butcher's Block
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The Butcher's Block


January 16, 2020


The Butcher's Block

Breaking in to a competitive market The Butcher's Block Group needed to carve their own image in the hospitality industry. Offering casual fine-dining the need of familiarity and comfortability to the client was suggested, spurring to the brand it is today. Opening an additional two store since joining the franchise as well as sub-branding to launch their delivery services, their image has become adaotable and fluid to match their diverse audience.

Website Design

Discussing with the client their needs it was understood that sales, services, and brand recognition was their main focus, From this we looked at how their customers would interact with the clients website and construct the page accordingly. Highlighting current promotions and their venues was put at the top of their list to not only transform we visits to sales, but to also relay their social media campaigns on other digital platforms.

Digital and Social Media Marketing

The Butcher's Block requested their social media presence be a strong as the service they offered. Previously their social media accounts were lacklustre in comparison to the articles and exposure received by other digital blogging and magazine platforms. From this we analysed what their brands image was and how we could manipulate these words to create a strong digital presence. Creating both a Facebook and Instagram account, we have found that Instagram had been the favoured choice of media outlet their customers liked to engage with. The Butcher's Block asked for full social media management including paid ads and campaigns, customer engagement, as well social media collaborations.

Social Media

Since managing The Butcher's Block Instagram their account as grown over 120% in following, with their average organic engagement climbing 300%. Being able to photograph all of their content, allowed for visual cohesion that was then supported by thought out copy that relates to the market positioning of the Butcher's Block.

We design each campaign with a purpose. Creating marketing campaigns with lead times, organised content and paid advertising has allowed for booked out venues and a great social media response.

We designed a slogan for the client, "Your morning coffee shop, midday meeting hub, and evening restaurant of choice". From this we designed a language structure that we used to communicate with their audience. We tried to find a balance between family oriented and corporate sensibility, when communicating with their clients to secure their personal brand and price point, showing that they are a relaxed venue with quality services.

Digital Marketing

Digital collaborations and ads had always been a focus of the groups however we found those that they previously featured with may have not been the best in terms of the audience they were attracting, From there it become quite easy as we took the services they offered and broadcasted it to the likes of KIIS who showed a great following in the restaurants demographic, The Sunday Telegraph, GQ Australia and AGFG just to name a few.

Interior Design

Working with additional interior design agencies we collaborated to create the vision the directors were after. Having decisions that impacted wall decals, art, furnishings and textiles, allowed the two dimensional image we created to become a three dimensional store. We decided on warmer tones in the brickwork and tabletops to be contrasted with cooler tones in the textiles of the store, we implemented New York inspired stencils with their brand story to create a modern industrial aesthetic.

Graphic Design

Holding responsibility for all creative assets ranging from menus, posters, and campaign design allowed for visual cohesion with all touchpoints.


Capturing the brand in their images has been one of the greatest strength with their online presence. With some of our work featuring in GQ Australia, The Daily Telegraph, and The Australian Good Food Guide our content has been highly looked upon.

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