Grande Vie
2020 / Photography & Design

Grande Vie


February 13, 2020



Grande Vie launched with the intent to sell pieces of EDC leather pieces. Initially designing car key holders, once working with the brand, sales and their digital influence was on the rise. Supplying high quality content for their social media channels, product photography, as well as panels for their website, Grande Vie soon become a brand with a clear vision and the intent to grow.

Logo Design

The brand requested their logo be refreshed. Upon looking at their initial design we discovered that their aesthetic and their logo were misaligned. As we further discussed their vision for the future we thought it might be beneficial their logo transition from a strong sans serif typeface to a contemporary serif typeface that posed elegance as opposed to strength.

Client's original logo
Initial Monogram for previous logo

New Logo Proposal


We had the pleasure in shooting Grande Vie's product photography found on their website. This in addition to Instagram content where we art directed, shot and edited the content.

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