Pusha T X Damien Lillard for Adidas

As we dive more and more in to music at Curbside Culture, Adidas caught our attention as they partner with TDE artists and producer Pusha T. Adidas have been known to blend the creative and athletic field together and have done it once again with the Portland Trail Blazers Damian Lillard to promote Adidas new iteration to their line “The Dame 6”.

To be honest if you’re looking for an article on the sneaker itself, feel free to visit Highsnobiety, or Hypebeast because in short, we hate the sneaker. Moving along to the song... 

We all know artists that incorporate unorthodox samples in their work such as Billie Eilish and our crosswalk signals in Australia. With this collaboration we saw samples from the court make its way to the track (which can we include is not on iTunes for streaming). From the classic swoosh sound of the net, hardwood floors and basketball connecting as well as the classic squeal of basketball sneakers rubbing against the floor, each sound is quite distinct and works well in the track.

Explore the visual masterpiece on Adidas’ Instagram account here

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