Our take on Virgil Abloh

Virgil Abloh has arguably been one of the most commercialised designers of the past 5 years. Many become familiar with his work on his "hypebeast" brand Off-White; and those that weren't familiar with his personal brand, soon found him on their radar for the his role as Artistic Director for Louis Vuitton menswear. Each to their own, there was definitely a stigma around the street wear brand Supreme slapping their Futura word mark on a jumper and their products price increase tenfold in the resellers market, and so we feel the same about Virgil Abloh and his use of Helvetica.

Supreme, Shibuya-Ku Japan, Product Launch

Abloh established himself in the creative world with his relationship with Kanye West, as he begun designing the then rappers merchandise and album covers. Becoming a dear friend and mentor, West saw Ablohs work come full circle as he sat front row in Paris fashion week alongside wife Kim Kardashian West supporting the Civil Engineer Graduate on his first show for Louis Vuitton menswear. Colour made its way to the runway and there was much to be said about the pieces that dressed the models. Personally praising his work for pushing the fashion house in to a different avenue whilst keeping its traditional aesthetic, it seemed the time invested in to the show was well spent as items begun selling out, becoming impossible for many to pickup the items without being on Louis Vuittons VIP list.

With a close eye on his work since then, Virgil has collaborated with Ikea and released additional work under Off-White and Louis Vuitton and it seemed although a lack of time and innovative thought, which was personally perceived as underwhelming.

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