Management & Creative Direction

The Showtime Crew

The Showtime Crew has been a front runner in the industry since their establishment over 10 years ago. Providing a range of services within the entertainment industry, they found exponential growth within the wedding industry, featuring at events held at Dolton House, Navarra Venues and Qudos Bank Arena. The Showtime Crew also dived in to the realm of events, hosting a number of U/18 events featuring local artists to showcase their talent and create a name for themselves.

Due to their rate of growth and upcoming competition, the company felt the need to tighten their brand and formalise the management of their team and bookings. They felt a clearer vision would allow for a stronger dialect between them and their audience. As the role of social media progressed, the need to produce quality content was suppressed.

Our Role

Develop a stronger identity system
Create content that reflected the quality of their work
Streamline their backend booking system
Overlook their social media platforms to optimise growth

Event Content Creation

Create and brand events hosted by The Showtime Crew that aims to support local talent

Full Project


The Showtime Crew creates memories and it was our job to capture them

Full Project


Capturing footage from events and developing promotional videos to promote events

Full Project
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