Graphic Design

Coote connex

Established by Maz Coote, Coote Connex is a boutique communications and consultancy agency. Their company aimed to deliver tailored campaigns that met their clients objectives. Their client list ranged from small startups, to international brands. Exploring the many realms of media, from traditional press to new aged media, Coote Connex aims to create maximum coverage across various media formats.

Working with Coote Connex as their graphic designer, the client required a variety of content that proved to be premiem quality and fit in with the high end market they aimed their campaigns to. Creating content for the likes of Revlon, Elizabeth Arden, and Bellini Cipriani become our main role for the company.

Our Role

Develop packaging designs for large companies
Create promotional material for beauty companies
Design menu's for intimate corporate events and PR functions

Beauty and Lifestyle

Coote Connex worked with Revlon and Elizabeth Arden for various campaigns, engaging in press releases and product launches for a range of campaigns.

Full Project


Representing brands in the hospitality industry, Coote Connex creates events to generate exposure for their client.

Full Project
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