Management & Creative Direction

Butchers Block

The Butcher's Block Group looked to obtain a brand image for their company as they believed it was the missing piece to their success. With the intention to expand their business from a single store, in to multiple sites including Barangaroo and Parramatta, they felt the need to create aesthetic cohesion in order to break the glass ceiling developed in the hospitality industry.

Establishing a brand vision became their starting point. Based off their competitive analysis and exploration of their industries landscape, the refinement process begun. Working with the companies directors, we explored a new logo which made it's way across uniforms, packaging and livery. From here the client felt it was the right step towards their vision as a brand which is where they expanded their requests to their digital platforms which welcomed a completely new website, social media image and strategy consultation, as well as digital marketing services. We then dived in to the brand further as they become confident with their overall vision to assist in the design of the stores of Barangaroo and Granville.

Our Role

Overall Creative Direction keeping an authentic aesthetic
Web design and development
Social media management
Content creation
including photography and videography
Creating and managing campaigns
General graphic design requirements including menu's and collateral needs
Interior design consultation

Web Development

Developing and designing a website to broadcast the brands image and services to their audience.

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Interior Design

Translating the brands aesthetic to a physical environment to suit it's location

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Photography & Videography

Creating digital content for internal digital platforms and press

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Digital Marketing Management

Curating and managing content for a range social and digital platforms

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